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Charter, Authorization & Accreditation

FBU holds Florida Charter: 

FBU is chartered by the Florida Department of State, Division of  Corporation.

FBU  has met all requirements to operate as a religious exempt institution by the Florida Department of Education/CIE  to award the  following degrees: A.A., AAS, B.A., BS, MA, MS, Professional Doctorates, and Ph.D. for the primary purpose of preparing men and women for Christian ministry .


Sectarian Accreditation

FBU is fully accredited by ABICUS FL Christian Schools inc, a sectarian accreditation agency for Judeo-Christian institutions. Membership in ABICUS is not an alternative to U.S. regional or national accreditation. Unscrupulous nonreligious institutions trying to evade proper accreditation by using ABICUS membership as alternative camouflage for regional and national accreditation would not be granted ABICUS membership. ABICUS only grants accreditation to fundamental Judeo-Christian institutions in the U.S., E.U., and other institutions outside the purview of national and regional accreditations. see 


International Accreditation 

Florida Baptist University is internationally accredited by Curacao Transnational Accreditation Council (CTAC). B.V.  A. Curacao government recognized  Curacao official accreditor for all transnational Education institutions in Curacao and overseas. See accredited institutions. 

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